My Research Projects

The International Thwaites Glacier (ITGC) Project -team PROPHET (

I am a co-PI on an NSF-NERC funded project as a part of the ITGC team. This is a modeing project where we improve boundary conditions and process simulations to improve near-future projections of sea level rise from Thwaites Glacier. I am working on basal processes using airborne radar to help the ice sheet models improve the basal boundary conditions.


Persistent katabatic winds influence surface mass balance of East Antarctica ---a NASA sponsored project:

Wind-scour zones cover 7-8% of the surface area of Antarctica where persistent near-surface katabatic winds erode and sublimate the ice. The major goals of this project is to understand the physics of this process and to constrain the surface mass balance. I am the lead PI of this project.


Using ISSM Model and airborne radar to constrain the Holocene history of accumulation rates---a NASA Project

I am the Institutional PI on this project. Stay tuned for this project is just starting.


ROSSETTA-ICE: Aerogeophysical mapping of the Ross Ice Shelf for an integrated study of the stability of the Ross Ice Shelf 

an NSF Project

My role as a Co-PI on this multi-organization project includes quantifying the mass balance and understanding the structure and stability of the Ross Ice Shelf using airborne shallow and deep ice radar and laser altimetry. I am working on unique ways of deriving basal reflectivity from the ice penetrating radar. 


Search for the oldest ice and modeling processes that influence the preservation of basal ice in East Antarctica--- a NASA project

My role as a co-PI include modeling how wind-scour zones impact the ice structure when buried deep. The wind-scour zones create thick unconformal layers that have large density variations. Basal ice in East Antarctica is highly deformed. Are these dense layers a cause? Stay tuned for this project is just starting!